Legal Consumer Tips

A Bit of Humor with A Lesson

Legal Consumer Tip 104

Nov 13, 2016 10:31pm

Legal Consumer Tip: Things not to say to inspire confidence in a court room... "Well if it isn't Mr. X, then the baby's father has to be Mr. Y oh wait there was that well I just don't know....."


Legal Consumer Tip 103

Legal Consumer Tip (what not to wear edition): I am aware that flip flops are on clearance along with flip flop slippers. I am also aware that fuzzy socks are on sale for the Christmas holidays. However the combination of purple and blue thick fuzzy socks and pink flip flop house shoes is not a good combination for Order of Protection Court. Not sure either alone is appropriate but certainly not together.


Legal Consumer Tip 102

Legal Consumer Tip: Tube top should not enter your vocabulary when determining what to wear for your court hearing.


Legal Consumer Tip 101

Legal Consumer Tip: Social Media is not your friend. It is not a defense to say "that can't be used against me because my social media page was marked private." Your friend of a friend of an acquaintance of a friend who has a public page can access your info (or confession) and can and very likely will not only repost but smack you with it in a court room.


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