Where Family Comes First

       Brady Patrick Family & Juvenile Law is not just another law firm. It is the brain child of partners Beth Brady and Wendy Patrick. Our law office focuses on families and children, but it also focuses on helping clients through many of life’s toughest milestones. From surrogacy contracts and adoptions to wills and conservatorships, Brady Patrick will provide friendly and compassionate advocacy.

     Brady Patrick Family & Juvenile Law understands that family law clients are good people. Our clients are people you go to church with, work with, and have dinner with. Unfortunately, these really good people are going through some of the scariest and most uncertain times in their lives. Our clients are emotional and scared of the future and the unknown. With this in mind, Brady Patrick has chosen to create an environment where clients can be comfortable and relaxed. The firm’s décor is bright and colorful. We want our office to feel more like home.

     In a world where no fault divorce has become the norm, focus has become on fairness and what is in everyone’s best interest…particularly children. This focus can be felt through all areas of family and juvenile law. Of course, no one at Brady Patrick is saying that we can get rid of all conflict and adversity in your case. Both attorneys are confident, competent and experienced in litigation. Brady Patrick wants to provide you with an attorney and law firm that is there to educate you regarding the court and litigation process. Our firm is caring and compassionate to our clients and our clients’ families.

     Brady Patrick also recognizes that families and other persons needing their services are often concerned about the cost of legal services. In the world of Google, we see more and more people attempting to represent themselves or prepare documents based on forms they have found on the internet. That might work out fine, but often our firm has seen this turn into situations requiring an attorney to first untangle a situation before the attorney begins to mend the situation. This ends up costing the client more in legal fees than if the client had just hired an attorney from the beginning. 

    At Brady Patrick, we have multiple fee structures to fit your budget. We can often use a flat fee so clients can better predict the cost of the legal services. We do not want clients to have surprises in their bills. Costs for phone calls, emails, faxes and copies can quickly add up and ruin a client’s ability to complete their litigation.