Where Do You Go When Justice Seems Overwhelming?

At Brady Patrick Family & Juvenile Law, we help families and children navigate the often intimidating process of legal intervention.

What We Do

At Brady Patrick, We Focus Exclusively on Families and Children


Gaining or losing custody of a child can often be the most stressful time in a person's life.  Brady Patrick assists parents seeking custody of their own child or persons who have found themselves caring for another person's child.  


We are here to help you navigate the process.  Whether it is an adoption through an agency, adoption by a step-parent or relative, private placement adoption, or out of country adoption, you can trust Brady Patrick to guide you through each step of the process.


Divorces with or without children are emotional.  Divorces with children or with large assets or debts can have consequences for many, many years to come.   At Brady Patrick, we assist you in getting the best outcome for you and your family.

Child Support

We handle all aspects of child support litigation including setting child support, modifying child support, seeking redress for a parent who has failed to provide support, and defending petitions for contempt for failing to pay child support.

Juvenile Delinquency Defense

Let's be honest, no child is perfect.  Occasionally, the situation gets out of hand and a child is required to appear in Juvenile Court.  Juvenile Court is designed to address the issues that have brought the child to the Court's attention.  The focus is less on punishment and more on rehabilitation.  Often, it is a family project requiring everyone to work together to get life back on track.

Dependency & Neglect

Whether the Department of Children's Services or a well-meaning family member or friend are attempting to remove custody of your child from you, you need competent counsel.  Your future ability to parent not just your current children, but children you might have later, is implicated in these types of litigation.

Surrogacy & Parentage 

Technology has provided many new avenues for couples and individuals that have been unable to start families in a more traditional manner.  Surrogacy is becoming an option for couples experiencing fertility issues.  The law has  not kept pace with technology, and there are several aspects of a surrogacy relationship that require legal intervention.  Most, if not all, clinics that provide surrogacy services prior to iniating services.  To obtain legal parentage after the birth of the child, certain documents must be filed with the Court and the Tennessee Department of Vital Records.


Whether it is a child with a disability requiring continuing care and decision making or a parent or other aging loved one that needs assistance with care and planning, Brady Patrick can help you prepare the necessary documents to allow you to assist your loved one.

Prenuptial & Post-nuptial Agreements

Prenuptial and Post-nuptial agreements are not a preparation for divorce.  These agreements protect the parties from many challenges presented by marriage.  Often the agreement itself, prepares the parties for better communication and minimizes the need for divorce or at least, lengthy and costly divorce.

Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Living Wills

One of the best gifts a family member can give is good instruction for dealing with end of life issues.  Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Living Wills are generally inexpensive.  Preparation and planning on your part can save your family members many years of litigation and thousands of dollars.  Even a simple will and power of attorney can make a tremendous difference in allowing family members to focus on what is most important.